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My Summer Fling ;p

It’s been on my checklist of places to visit since 2005, however, the visa to Croatia was always an issue as we don’t have their embassy in Kuwait. The closest one is in Egypt, so the only option was to send my passport there :s just the idea of being separated from my passport is frightening enough. This year schengen holders were granted entry to Croatia J thus began my summer fling with hrvatskaaaaaaaa YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY…

To be continued….

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I had a mental block lately and I haven’t been able to write anything for the past few months.  Can’t blame it on the lack of material because people who know me know that I always have stuff to say; basically I never stop talking!!! I don’t know what happened really.  All I know is that my brain needed resuscitation!!! I will start writing again may Thoth be with me; p

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Bad news guys … Check this article 

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Boneless creature!!!!

Shakira is amazing.. For 1 hour 30min she did not walk on the stage she was basically jumping from one corner to another like a monkey … A VERY VERY PRETTY AND HOT MONKEY ;p… my husband couldn’t stop drooling … her voice was great … she changed her costume every 10 min … no dance is impossible to her …  she is almost boneless!!!  That lady is full of energy… now I understand why she needs a boyfriend that’s ten years younger (FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique) .. I can’t stop wondering if Pique is keeping up ;p  in conclusion she made me forget about Abu Dhabi’s heat and humidity …

Here is a little excerpt from the concert (apologies for the poor quality of the video)

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What’s up Dali !!!

Once up on a time there was a man who decided to draw his dreams  … he woke up one day with the opportunity to make his dreams come true … he was given a piece of land to do his surrealist work .. This land was Dubai … Oh my god what was that guy thinking!?! … Did he think he was Salvador Dali for instance!!! … Whenever I drive on the roads there I say that this time it will be different… it is always the same: the signs are not helpful at all; every bridge exit has multiple sub-exits; take one wrong turn and it will take you ages to return to the same point,  the concept of U-turn does not exist and the list goes on… my human brain can’t find the logic of these roads … I get lost every single time I drive there …… the only question I had was “how many divorce cases were filed  on account of these roads?”

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My Murtoli dream …

Two years ago I fell in love with this hotel I read about in a magazine … and as usual, forgot about it in a few minutes (or seconds to be more exact) … last september while I was doing one of my searches I found this wonderful hotel again but I couldn’t recall where or when I saw it …I started telling everybody that I saw it in one of my dreams … till I found that magazine … well check it out for you to understand why I thought it was a dream …

Since then, I dream of walking on a long stretch of a sandy beach, taking a dip in secluded secret creeks, receiving my breakfast in a lovely basket with some flowers, laying on the private pool enjoying the silence and reading a book, a silence that from time to time was broken by the exquisite language they call “FRENCH” … aaaaaahhhhhhhhh DREAMS … tooooo good to be true

Unfortunately, on April 9, 2011, my dreams were shattered … the hotel was fully booked for 2 months … and now I am lost in the world searching for my next destination … Any suggestions?

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As I usually do, I started searching for unusual and adventurous places to visit on my next vacation … check what I found … A capsule hotel !!!!!!!  I wonder how a claustrophobic person would feel in this oil rig survival pod !!!!


The rooms, I shouldn’t call it a room, the pods, are 4.25 metres in diameter ONLY !!!  and where is the bathroom?!!!!  I searched for the bathroom picture but couldn’t find any … I wonder if there is one !!!  I guess I would need one if I am in survival mode ;p I read that they are currently  working on duplicating the idea in central Amsterdam and Nantes, France. .. This does not fit my idea of a comfortable vacation… However, I would love to try it sometime ;p  but definitely not on my next vacation …

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Floating Boooobies

I’ve always enjoyed Hammams, but this was a NO! NO! NO ! I mean a definite NO! First of all I felt weird walking around half-naked in front of other equally naked ladies. All I could think about is how used Harry Potter’s invisible cloak would be right now, but since I’m not a witch, and I decided to use the ostrich technique and just keep my face down and stare at my toes.I I understand now what Charlotte felt like in “Sex and the City” ,  but this was worse; to add to my humiliation, I had lay down next to all the other naked ladies a hot marble slab like freshly caught hamour in the fish market …NO! NO! NO!.  Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, an old, fat, smelly, and half-naked Turkish woman walked in…and her job is to give us a shower.  I bet i had an expression worth a million (new) Turkish liras when I saw that lady. Her boobies dangled to her waist … while she was washing me I was scared to get slapped by one of them … aaaaaaah! it was disgusting … I was 100% sure that the soap they were using was FAIRY … seriously I smelled it all over that place .. Only one drop of FAIRY can give you that much lather, it is strong on grease and it pampers your skin  … when I looked around I found that I was the only one that was disgusted, other French and English girls were having a blast… Maybe because it was something new to them … and the service was not up to my standards …after that ordeal, I thought a 30 minute massage would be great… I imagined entering a private room with dim lights, candles, soothing music, and lavender oil … what I got was the exact opposite: everybody was in the massage room; beds were next to each other; masseuses were talking to each other.. and Mashallah those ladies are really stroooooong … I felt like being in an impact testing machine … they massaged my face with the exact force they used to massage the rest of my body  … my lenses were moving in my eyes… i was being molded : i felt my mouth shifting to my forehead and I couldn’t talk to the masseuse … so that experience ended with hysterical laughter …at the same time in the men section, Hamad (my Husband) enjoyed his self service … he just sat on the hot marble watching the misery of other men … it was as if we went to the movies … I got the horror movie and he got the comedy ;p

I advice you to choose a luxurious spa with a Turkish bath …  or use the one in your hotel spa ..we could’ve done that but we wanted to experience the original Turkish baths … and it was unforgettable ;p

On the positive side, this particular Turkish bath was the oldest in use (created in the 1500’s) and was even better looking than the baths used in the dolmabahce palace’s harem.

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Istanbul – Food and Sightseeing

I intended to dedicate a whole article on the historical monuments… however I spent more time eating than sightseeing … so I’ll just skim through the historical attractions      

  • Dolmabanhce Palace : the palace is amazing it has the biggest chandelier in Europe .. it is nice to see where attaturk lived and died  
  • Topkabi : (museum) I was too excited to visit it because I really want to see thulfuqar .. Unfortunately it was not there.. however,  the sparkles of the jewelry compensated for its absence…
  • Blue mosque : historical mosque

What is a trip without food .. I never say OMG but : OMG!! … the food was amazing .. all the ‘cuisines’  I have tried during my trip were extraordinary … and apart from the food quality each restaurant had an amazing view and an astonishing modern design … there goes the list   

  • Zuma Istanbul : (Japanese) cuisine with a very nice view
    • Address: Salhane Sk. No:7 Ortakoy
    • +90 212 236 2296
  • 360: (International) the view is amazing .. the food and the service weren’t  that great .. it turns into a club after 10:30pm
    • Address: Bülbül Mh.Mısır Buğdayı Sokak 32, Istanbul, Turkey
    • +90 212 251 1042·
  • Banyan: (Thai)I loved it .. the view is magnificent .. they have a bonfire so you can sit outdoor and enjoy the view even in  cold weather
    • Address: Muallim Naci Cad. Sahane Sok. No:3 (Ortaköy İskele Yanı), Ortaköy, Istanbul
    • +90212 219 6011
  • Paper Moon : (Italian) very good if you’re going to Akermkez mall since its over there
  • Borsa: (Turkish) the food is sooo good …it is a must .. they have more than one branch …you can try the one in Istinye Park
  • Mikla restaurant: The best dining experience I had in Istanbul .. if you are brave you can try their tasting 12 course menu .. It was AWESOME!!!!!! 
    • Address: Asmalı Mescit Mh., Meşrutiyet Caddesi 95, Istanbul
    • +90 212 251 4646
  • Rami: (Turkish) the food was great … and the restaurant was in an old house which made the whole experience cozy and nice
    • Address Cankurtaran Mh.Utangaç Sokak 6, Istanbul, Turkey
    • +90 212 517 6593
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Wataniya Airways

I am really sorry to inform you that wataniya airways is officially bankrupt ..  check their website

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