Posted by: mypassportandi | March 28, 2011


As I usually do, I started searching for unusual and adventurous places to visit on my next vacation … check what I found … A capsule hotel !!!!!!!  I wonder how a claustrophobic person would feel in this oil rig survival pod !!!!


The rooms, I shouldn’t call it a room, the pods, are 4.25 metres in diameter ONLY !!!  and where is the bathroom?!!!!  I searched for the bathroom picture but couldn’t find any … I wonder if there is one !!!  I guess I would need one if I am in survival mode ;p I read that they are currently  working on duplicating the idea in central Amsterdam and Nantes, France. .. This does not fit my idea of a comfortable vacation… However, I would love to try it sometime ;p  but definitely not on my next vacation …



  1. hahah looks FUN! id love to stay in one of those!

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