Posted by: mypassportandi | April 25, 2011

My Murtoli dream …

Two years ago I fell in love with this hotel I read about in a magazine … and as usual, forgot about it in a few minutes (or seconds to be more exact) … last september while I was doing one of my searches I found this wonderful hotel again but I couldn’t recall where or when I saw it …I started telling everybody that I saw it in one of my dreams … till I found that magazine … well check it out for you to understand why I thought it was a dream …

Since then, I dream of walking on a long stretch of a sandy beach, taking a dip in secluded secret creeks, receiving my breakfast in a lovely basket with some flowers, laying on the private pool enjoying the silence and reading a book, a silence that from time to time was broken by the exquisite language they call “FRENCH” … aaaaaahhhhhhhhh DREAMS … tooooo good to be true

Unfortunately, on April 9, 2011, my dreams were shattered … the hotel was fully booked for 2 months … and now I am lost in the world searching for my next destination … Any suggestions?



  1. I hate when this happen . But I’m sure u ll find something better. Luv ur blog. Jet found about it and looooooove travelling just wish I can skip airport/airplane

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