Posted by: mypassportandi | May 2, 2011

What’s up Dali !!!

Once up on a time there was a man who decided to draw his dreams  … he woke up one day with the opportunity to make his dreams come true … he was given a piece of land to do his surrealist work .. This land was Dubai … Oh my god what was that guy thinking!?! … Did he think he was Salvador Dali for instance!!! … Whenever I drive on the roads there I say that this time it will be different… it is always the same: the signs are not helpful at all; every bridge exit has multiple sub-exits; take one wrong turn and it will take you ages to return to the same point,  the concept of U-turn does not exist and the list goes on… my human brain can’t find the logic of these roads … I get lost every single time I drive there …… the only question I had was “how many divorce cases were filed  on account of these roads?”



  1. hahaha looks like u n hamad had many fights driving there :p

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